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The History of BABOR

Ever since BABOR was founded in 1956 by the recognized biochemist Dr. Michael Babor, the company focuses on innovations and has become a pioneer in professional skin care.

Treat nature with respect!

With respect to nature and its valuable active ingredients, one of the key factors of the brand’s work is being respectful. The company uses raw materials based on organic and renewable energy sources. BABOR has been opposed to animal testing since its founding in 1956. The brand rejects cruelty since the beginning and in the future as well. BABOR rejects any kind of animal experiment or participation in it.

The high standards of quality and the purity of raw materials used by BABOR, the strict controls the brand carries out during the quality tests, these together guarantee the safety and quality of the products.

The BABOR products:
– do not contain PEG (polyethylene glycol)
– do not contain synthetic silicone oil
– do not contain skin-irritating mineral oils
– are free from paraffin and its derivatives
– are free of paraben
– are free of materials of animal origin.

At BABOR, research means crossing the company’s own borders, thinking hard and always being open to unrecognized things. The brand’s extensive research and development work focused on solving beauty issues and preserving natural beauty.

BABOR is represented in more than 70 countries by distributors and subsidiaries in Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Canada and the United States. Training sessions at BABOR’s Aachen Training Center ensure that high-quality products are used everywhere in the world in the best possible way. All around the world, thousands of beauty care professionals place trust in the BABOR brand.

The BABOR’s Research and Development Center has transformed the mysteries of nature into natural, state-of-the-art technology for over 60 years. These products combine nature and science to create synergistically optimal quality. The research centre has been the foundation of the company since its foundation, and since then it has helped BABOR to retain its leading position among its international competitors. BABOR – the German pioneer of beauty.

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