Erika Balázsi

Welcome to my website.

I’m Erika Balázsi, certified BABOR cosmetician. The world of beauty salons has always attracted me: beautiful, flawless skin, radiant faces, nice hairstyles, magnificent nails, purity, harmony, elegance, sophisticated conversations. During my high school years I regularly visited my sister for nail care and we talked about how good it would be if I were to be in the beauty industry as well and work together in our own beauty salon, where there would be a hairdresser as well. I graduated as a beautician in 2013, and then I met the BABOR professional German cosmetics brand. First we rented a small beauty salon, where we spent 4 years in homely atmosphere. Thereafter my sister opened the new Ooh LaLa Beauty Salon in February 2018, which combines elegance and a cosy atmosphere.

I am delighted to be able to obtain the BABOR Diamond Salon in May 2018 by completing my professional journey. I am very grateful to a my family, friends, clients and all my contacts who helped and accompanied me on the journey, as well as to Balázs Kalcsu and Kalcsu Cosmetics because they believed in my dream and supported me all the time. The first meeting with the German brand, BABOR was love at first sight, which has since remained unchanged. Not like the whole BABOR brand, where the change is constant. The brand is constantly innovating; it has its own research centre, where researchers are continually pursuing to find high-quality active ingredients so that the clients really get what’s included in the product brochure. Already at the beginning of my profession, I knew I would like to work with a luxury brand that does its business as it is written down. I’m so glad to find this professional brand. I am constantly following BABOR’s exclusive, top-quality products and effective targeted treatments. I regularly develop my knowledge in the professional courses organised by BABOR. The product range is wide; my favourite ones are the BABOR ampoules, because they contain concentrated active ingredients. I also value systematic innovation and professional training courses organized by Kalcsu Cosmetics.



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