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What kind of facial skin you want in 2020?

As a beautician, my goal is to work together to achieve your dream, a much nicer skin. Achieving the goals is a common process! This is not just about treatment, but about consultation and product information. I will be happy to answer your beauty-related questions, even during treatment.

What do you think?


Do you have any questions? Contact me about the services and appointment arrangement.

If something comes up, please let me know on time.

In order to preserve the quality of my services, within 48-hour cancellation or in case if you forget the appointment/ask for a new appointment, I need to charge 50% of the price of the chosen service. If I change, cancel or forget the appointment within 48 hours, you will get -50% off from the price of the selected service at the next agreed appointment.


You can pay by card as well in my cosmetic salon.