The WARM part opens the pores, facilitating the absorption of the active ingredients; widening blood vessels, increasing blood circulation; loosens the muscles, therefore lifting the wrinkles; stimulates sweating, facilitating detoxification. With warmth, we can use valuable agents by diffusing into the skin. The COLD part tightens the capillaries and soothes the skin; enhancing muscle tone, tightening the skin; swallowing the swelling, reducing the puffiness under the eyes. With the help of cold, we can “seal” the active ingredients in the skin – this is called the ‘’active trap’’. The alternation of COLD and WARM make the skin flexible and wrinkle-free. The treatment also trains the skin, and improves metabolism and muscle tone.


The heat generated by ultrasound therapy increases the blood flow to the nutrient and oxygen supply of the cells. The ultrasound penetrates several centimetres deep into the skin. Ultrasound is one of the most widely used active treatments in the 21st century. The active ingredients in the deeper layers of the skin reach new skin cells. The treatment shows its effect immediately and in long-term as well. As a result of ultrasonic treatment, the skin becomes fresher and younger. The treatment is not suggested if you have the following health conditions:

  • pregnancy
  • herpes
  • feverish diseases


(based on a Nobel Prize-winning research)

As a result of the intensive electrical impulse released the cellular membrane polarization changes. That is, the electrical stimulation reverses cell polarity. The small cellular channels open, allowing penetration of active substances into the deeper layer immediately to the target cells.

Treatment process:

With a mesotherapy-head filled with active ingredients (ampoules), I gently massage the face, around the neck, and décolletage.

A slight but pleasant tingling feeling can be experienced during the treatment, which gives a totally refreshing feeling in the skin. Upo completion of the active ingredient, the active mask is massaged to the skin by ultrasound.

How will your skin feel after treatment?

After the treatment, your skin becomes smoother and really alive. In case of a complete course the mimic wrinkles (scars, smile lines …) get smoothed, the aging process slows down, and the skin becomes hydrated and tightened. In case of acne scars and rosacea skin the symptoms get relieved. To maintain the achieved results, it is important to have regular home care with quality cosmetics.

How often do you need to use no-needle mesotherapy?

I recommend this treatment every 2-4 weeks. A complete course usually takes 5-8 times. The results can be sustained by 1 treatment each month.

Which skin types are suitable for treatment?

The no-needle mesotherapy can be used for any skin type.

What age is recommended for the treatment?

Mesotherapy is recommended for ages between 18-75.

Can I get the treatment in summer?

Yes! Moreover, the treatment is especially beneficial to preserve the youthfulness of the skin stressed by sunlight.

Can I get the treatment if I tan my skin in solarium?

Yes! The skin tone does not affect the treatment.

I do not recommend the treatment if you have any of the following conditions:

  • open wounds, injuries, fever, or any skin disease in the treated area (e.g. herpes)
  • pregnancy
  • heart disease, pacemaker, epilepsy

Dr. Babor AHA Acid Face Treatment

This new generation BABOR AHA exfoliator with Exfolimax formula combines 10% fruit acids and 10% antioxidants, like vitamin C and thiotaine. The synergy of intensive peeling endows the skin against premature skin aging. Right after the first application, the skin is fresher, brighter and youthful. With regular, weekly use, the skin becomes more even, the pores become finer, the tiny lines and wrinkle smoothen.

What skin problems are the aha-acid exfoliation recommended for?

  • Acne
  • Acne scars
  • Large pores
  • Rough, uneven skin
  • Freckles, liver spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Under-eye wrinkles
  • Fine wrinkles around the eyes
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Loose toned, slightly sagged skin

The treatment can be used seasonal, between autumn-winter-early spring, due to UV radiation. Do not go for sunbathing or solarium for 1 week after the treatment or if you do, cover the treated body surfaces.

Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion

During the Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion treatment, the diamond-coated handpiece – this is adjusted to the general condition of the skin and to the diagnosis – gently sips the skin to the device with controlled vacuum, while the skilled specialist moves it in the prescribed directions. The diamond grains polish the dead epidermis efficiently. The device drains dead cells continuously and removes them from the surface of the skin.

The Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion is known as one of the best non-invasive (not entering or penetrating the skin) skin regeneration treatments. In the case of this treatment we can almost count on the same efficacy as surgical intervention.

During treatment: – the upper, dead epidermis disappears, – imperfections of the skin eliminate, – wrinkles get reduced, – the liver spots and other pigmentations get faded. After the Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion treatment, the skin becomes healthier, brighter and evener. The treatment is completely painless. The skin polishing is like a pleasant massage because of the vacuum suction effect. During the treatment, the skin will lightly blush but this will disappear at the end of the treatment because the process does not cause edema or external injury. The Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion is a very effective skin renewal treatment. However, with a regular or course-like application, a profound change can be achieved. The treatment can be repeated weekly. The treatment can be used seasonal, between autumn-winter-early spring, due to UV radiation. Do not go for sunbathing or solarium for 1 week after the treatment or if you do, cover the treated body surfaces. What skin problems are the aha-acid exfoliation recommended for?

  • Acne
  • Acne scars
  • Large pores
  • Rough, uneven skin Freckles, liver spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Under-eye wrinkles
  • Fine wrinkles around the eyes
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Loose toned, slightly sagged skin

Benefits of the Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion: – It is completely painless – No need to use chemical substances – No usage of crystals for grinding, therefore cannot get any crystal particles in the eye, (the treatment is not ‘’dusty’’) – Sterile, clean, therefore there is no infection risk – No scarring and long-lasting redness – There is no healing time – It can be applied on the neck, décolletage and the whole body – Increased agent delivery potential combined with other treatments – Even the effect of the first treatment can be perceived

The treatment can be used seasonal, between autumn-winter-early spring, due to UV radiation. Do not go for sunbathing or solarium for 1 week after the treatment or if you do, cover the treated body surfaces.

Facial Cleansing Treatment

The Beautiful Skin starts with perfect cleansing.

Cleansing in 3 Steps – The BABOR Ritual Experience

1/1 Face Wash

This effective cleansing ritual with the products of the BABOR Cleansing Series is a key to the beautiful skin. It is a deep, two-phase cleansing with HY-ÖL and PHYTOACTIVE suitable for the individual’s skin type: this is the base of the BABOR Cleansing Series. The Cleansing Series include a number of other cleansing products that are created to clean the skin thoroughly and intensively while helping to maintain the skin’s natural acid mantle.

1/2 Skin Scrub Exfoliation

It provides a gentle exfoliating for all skin types. The skin becomes visibly smooth and elastic, it also gives a more even, delicate, brilliantly beautiful look. Depending on the skin type, the facial treatment and the season, the product palette includes mechanical, biological and chemical exfoliators in order to optimally prepare the skin for the use of the following skin care products.

1/3 BABOR Vitalizing Test

The BABOR Vitalizing Test brilliantly explores the skin’s metabolic state. Thanks to the nettle extract the skin becomes reddish. If the skin’s metabolic function is maximized, the skin is as red as a tomato during the whole treatment. This means that the skin’s cellular operation is perfect; the permeability is in balance, so the cell-agent relationship is also optimal. The active ingredients penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, so they can expose their professional effect. If the skin does not become red or just partly, we discuss the next steps you can do at home before the treatment to keep the skin metabolism in an ideal condition.

2. Massage

All skin is different and changes over time. Therefore, the BABOR massage comes with a cream/oil suitable for the different skin types.

3. Cleansing

The cleansing is carried out on the softened skin, and I use magnifying glasses, sterile gloves, wipes and if it is necessary a sterile needle.

4. Ultrasound + Pore Tightening Hydration

After the cleaning, the following active ingredients are applied to the deeper layer of the skin by ultrasound. The extracts of field horsetail and kaolin reduce impurities and absorb excess oil on the face while the salicylic acid prevents further contamination. The tea tree oil and the hamamelis have anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and soothing effects. In addition, alpine stem cells protect from the early-aging environmental effects, while the OsmoTec increases the moisture in the skin. This is combined with the hyaluronic acid ultrasound-gel.

5. Farewell Cream

As saying goodbye I finish the facial treatment with a cream chosen from the smart premium skin care product family, which perfectly suits the skin’s needs.

Derma Roller Treatment

Derma Roller Treatment is one of the skin rejuvenation treatments used in aesthetic dermatology. The bases of the treatment are the 250 small pin-stings dropped on the skin surface per square centimetre with a very fine roller with sharp spikes. Due to the fine skin damage, biological activators begin to stimulate the skin’s own regenerative mechanism. During this slow, natural process, the production of collagen fibers increases by 300-400%. This results in a spectacular decrease in tiny wrinkles, the smoothness of the wide pore skin surface, the disappearance of minor skin defects and the youthful appearance of the skin. Besides this the skin becomes more toned and tighter. This is called “collagen induction treatment”. The Derma Roller Treatment is not painful, it causes mild erythema.

How many treatments are needed?

It depends on the particular skin problem and the condition of the immune system as well. After 1-3 Derma Roller treatments, my clients have seen visible improvements, but the real results are expected after 1 to 6 treatments. If you need a second course, you should wait at least 1 to 2 months. This is explained by the fact that after the Derma Roller treatment the full regeneration of the collagen fibers takes about 1-3 months.

After the Derma Roller treatment

Right after the treatment with needles, it might be appropriate to dispense additional agents with electroporation-frequency into the skin. Clinical indications:

  • for acne, scars and surgical scars
  • to fade deep wrinkles
  • for stretch marks
  • to reduce cellulite
  • to treat atrophic scars
  • for dry skin
  • for flabby, loose skin (it can be applied to the whole body)
  • for wrinkles (especially around the mouth and the eyes)
  • for large pores
  • to remove cellular infiltrates remaining after acne
  • for tightening the skin as a lifting treatment
  • skin roughness and spots remaining after chicken pox
  • pigment deficiency (hypopigmentation) as a result of scarring
  • old age spots or liver spots


  • active skin infections, acne, eczema, etc.
  • herpes
  • birthmarks
  • chronic skin diseases
  • coagulation disorders
  • weak healing ability
  • malignant skin conditions
  • active acne
  • eczema
  • rosacea
  • psoriasis
  • serious solar keratosis
  • protuberant birthmarks and warts
  • the tendency for keloid formation
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • fruit-acid exfoliation within a year before the treatment
  • allergy to the anesthetic cream (lidocaine sensitivity)
  • certain medicines eg. Roacutan, blood thinner medications, anticoagulant, aspirin and
  • aspirin-containing medicines before the treatment
  • diabetes

The treatment can be used seasonal, between autumn-winter-early spring, due to UV radiation. Do not go for sunbathing or solarium for 1 week after the treatment or if you do, cover the treated body surfaces.

Around The Eye Refreshing Treatment

After a personal consultation, we work with the right agent and device in the problematic area, such as under-eye wrinkles and puffiness. After the application of the active ingredient, the treatment continues with a relaxing massage that stimulates energy points and acupressure points instantly to calm the eye area, thus bringing fresher, more relaxed look of your face.

BABOR Ampoules

The combination of sterile packaging and disposable ampoules provides the purest form of skin care. BABOR was the first cosmetic company to develop ampoules as the attractive and practical packaging of special concentrates. Expertise, specialization and the constant refinements have made BABOR the market leader in this segment. This excellent start gives us a great advantage. These fluids, full with agents and power are packed to provide instant, visible effects. These are well tolerated by the skin and contain a wide range of high-dose of active ingredients to meet all skin types and skin conditions. The BABOR AMPOULE CONCENTRATE FP impresses with the visible effect.

1. Firming and anti-wrinkling

Collagen Booster It contains an active complex that moisturizes the skin and stimulates the formation of collagen fibers, giving a youthful appearance to the skin. After the treatment, the skin is replenished and the fine wrinkles smoothened. The highly effective tripeptides stimulate the natural collagen production of the skin, thus the production of new collagen fibres. The biosaccharides promote the hydration and the moisture-storage of the skin. Lift express It visiblyreduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles, and gives a smooth, tight look to the skin. “Lift Express” complex reduces the depth of lines and gravitational wrinkles with red micro-algae extracts and high quality peptides.   3D Firming The skin in need of regeneration seems smoother and at the same time more firm after the treatment. It helps to enhance the skin’s elasticity and reduces the “double chin-effect”. The organic silicon, the elderflower extract and the yellow hornpoppy improve tissue strength and skin elasticity. The hyaluronic acid provides moisture to the skin.

2. Moisturizing ampoules

Algae Vitalizer The Algae Vitalizer ampoule is like a fresh sea breeze that provides moisture to the skin. The plankton algae extracts intensively hydrate the skin, also vitalize the skin functions and protect the skin thanks to the Anti-Ox effect.   Hydra Plus The skin will be intensely hydrated and will reduce the fine wrinkles caused by drought. The complex of hyaluronic acid and plant-based moisturizers intensively moisturizes the skin and gives it a fresh appearance.   Perfect Glow It gives a visibly youthful glow to the skin and compensates the unevenness surfaces. The skin is smooth, fresh and naturally glows after the treatment. It intensively moisturizes the skin while the light reflecting pigments make it glowing. With regular use, PerfectionPeptides P3 promotes skin regeneration. Cocoa peptides bind the free radicals, also protect against the blue-light adverse effects and early-skin aging.

3. Cell Renewal Ampoules

Multi Vitamin It supports the skin’s own protective system and moisturizes the skin, also makes it soft and firm. The vitamin A complex provides vitamin A, vitamin E, provitamin B5 and biotin, to enhance the skin’s protective functions.   Active Night After a beauty-sleep, your skin will be fresh and brilliant. Black willow’s bark and extract of black algae activate cell formation in the deep sleep phase. It also contains truffle extract.   After Sun This fast-absorbing active concentrate cools and moisturizes the skin exposed to the sun’s harmful effects. The skin becomes calm and balanced after sunbathing thanks to the active concentrated ingredients. It promotes skin regeneration after sunbathing. The complex contains rosemary extract to protect the skin against free radicals.   Oxygen Plus This ampoule is for the healthy, energy-filled skin by protecting it from the early skin aging. Oxygen enclosed in the capsule increases cellular energy levels and promotes cell regeneration. At the same time, it protects the skin from early skin aging caused by the sunlight.

4. S.O S. ampoules

Matte Finish It gives a smooth skin tone and matte effect to the skin and also has a mattifying effect. The extract obtained from mastic wood resin which covers the pores and reduces glare without drying the skin. It prevents impurities, while the matting microspheres have a skin-blemishing effect.   Active Purifier The ampoule reduces impurities. It gives the skin a cleaner and finer appearance. High-concentrations of shale oil and tea tree oil have anti-bacterial effects, and also quickly and effectively fade the existing spots. Stop Stress The skin becomes less sensitive and it calms down. The wild indigo extract reduces stress-induced redness and irritation and makes the skin balanced and relaxed.   Beauty Rescue It’s a real Jolly Joker, which helps to “relaunch” the skin tired from the hectic, stressful lifestyle. The active ingredient Epocyl increases the skin’s own moisture-storage capacity and strengthens its natural barrier function. The skin will be radiant and prepared for the challenges of everyday life.

Dr. BABOR Repair Cellular Facial Treatment

The DOCTOR BABOR Ultimate Repair Cellular facial treatment is ideal for skin care after surgery, as well as for wounds, scars and post-burn treatments. It stimulates the skin, so it regenerates faster, and it is getting even. The result is a glowing, regenerated facial skin.

The 15% BIOGEN PLANT extract, the royal jelly, and sorbitol stimulate the skin regeneration. The Gatulien Skin Repair Bio and the active complex of wakame seaweed extract promote the elastin and collagen formation, also accelerate hyaluronic acid synthesis and inhibit many aging factors. It helps to strengthen the skin’s natural protective layer and gives the skin a more even look. The treatment contains:

  • Enzyme Peeling
  • Ultimate Repair Cream 20ml
  • Ultimate ECM Repair Serum 2ml
  • Anti-aging massage

Dr. BABOR Refine Cellular Facial Treatment

The garden cress extract protects the skin from the environmental stress and promotes the natural degradation of metabolic substances. Nori algae extract protects from the harm of UVA radiation. The cream strengthens the skin’s own protection and protects from early skin aging. Just like Retinol, RetinewA16 stimulates the skin’s renewal processes and gives the skin a fresher, more even appearance. Vitamin C and E improve the skin’s natural protection from the oxidative damage.

With active concentrate of 20% pure, stable vitamin C, this is six times more effective. It protects the collagen structure from early decay.

It enhances the natural collagen synthesis of the skin. It reduces the depth of the wrinkles. It also reduces hyperpigmentation. It binds and neutralizes free radicals. The treatment protects from the oxidative skin damage caused by environmental influences. After the treatment the skin is visibly more toned and tighter. The skin becomes more even and radiantly beautiful.

The Mimical Control peptide dissolves the micro-voltage in the skin, visibly smoothens the mimic wrinkles and significantly reduces their depth. OsmoTec restores the osmotic balance in the cell to increase moisture levels in the skin. The alpine stem cells protect from early skin aging caused by environmental influences.

The treatment contains:

  • Detoxifying clay mask peeling off 60gr
  • A16 booster concentrate 2ml
  • Skinovage Px Comfort Cream Mask 20ml
  • Detoxifying Cream 15ml
  • Anti-aging massage

BABOR Reversive Facial Treatment

Reversive This is skin care with the revolutionary Re-Youth Complex that reverses the time. The Re-YOUTH Complex rejuvenates the skin’s youthful glow. Thanks to the exclusive BABOR precision formula and high-performance active ingredients such as Telovitin, Agicyl, Epocyl, and Lumicol, the skin becomes firmer and smoother. This innovative, rich emulsion merges with the skin. The cream intensively moisturizes, therefore the skin becomes soft and flexible.

TELOVITIN A Nobel Prize-winning research showed it protects cells and helps to protect the skin-youth. It stabilizes the telomeres (the chromosome end closure), thus extends the life of the skin cells. It enhances metabolic processes, cell functions, and supports the epidermis. AGICYL It maintains the skin’s youth by activating the SIRT-1 gene which is responsible for the length of the cell life. It prevents skin aging factors such as free radicals, toxins and glycols. It is a multi active stem cell. SITRUIN 1 Enzyme It enhances mitochondrial activation and delay cell death. It reduces pro-aging substances in the skin, glycated end products and free radicals. It activates the anti-wrinkle and regenerative ability. The proteasome (protein complex, it decreases cellular degeneration) maintains its activity, thus detoxifying the skin. LUMICOL The micro-algae activates the thioredoxin protein to break down the protein sediments in the skin tissue and to balance the skin tone: – the skin regains its brightness – it eliminates the unevenness and balances the skin tone – it gives a homogeneous skin tone and youthful glow EPOCYL Sea exopolisaccharides This special surface structure forms a film layer on the skin that balances wrinkles and skin imperfections. It also activates the synthesis of collagen 1 and elastin. It tightens the skin tissue. – SOY BEAN OIL – JOJOBA OIL – AVOCADO OIL – SESAME SEED OIL – VITAMIN E The treatment contains: – Treatment-Mask – AHA- treatment peeling – Anti-Aging Eye Cream – Anti-Aging Cream Rich – Anti-Aging Dual Serum – Anti-Aging massage

HSR Lifting Facial Treatment

Lifting and anti-aging effect at the highest level. BABOR’s research team has developed the procedure for cosmetic “lifting’, the HSR® lifting to fight against wrinkle formation.

These three factors are related, fighting against wrinkles is only effective when we simultaneously fight against the three factors. With HSR® lifting, BABOR’s research team in cosmetic “lifting” was innovative again by developing the unique HSR® Lifting Integral Complex, that fights against the main causes of wrinkle formation. The three highly effective active ingredients produce a complete “lifting” effect in perfect quantities and in combination: * Multidentin: – Soybean and pea extract: these stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin fibers, thereby strengthening the tissue and develop the contour. Liftolution: – Green Microalga Extract: Creates a network structure that produces instant micro-lifting effect Glico-stop: – Proteins, dipeptides, milk thistle extract: these inhibit the formation of collagen chains (linkage of carbohydrates) that is responsible for the formation of wrinkles, thus reducing the wrinkles from the inside. The treatment contains:

  • HSR Cream Rich
  • HSR Eye Cream
  • HSR Lifting serum
  • Anti-aging massage

Sea Creation Face Treatment

BABOR has explored the depths of the oceans to find valuable active ingredients for this luxury product, the Sea Creation. The powerful anti-aging protein, Glycocéane GP3, the energy-rich BABOR Thermophilus and the exclusive Green Caviar Algae extract are blended in the Sea-telligent Complex to provide a complete anti-aging effect. In addition, BABOR Sea Creation includes all the active ingredients of BABOR.

Glycocene GP3 anti-aging protein

It is a microorganism from the depths of the South Ocean. The glycocene GP3 anti-aging protein stimulates the activity of fibroblasts in the tissue. Fibroblasts are cells in the connective tissue that produce collagen. Collagen is one of the most important structural molecule in the intercellular space, ensuring the strength and stability of the tissue. The more active fibroblasts are in the tissue, the more collagen (type I and IV) they can produce, so the skin becomes more toned and youthful.

Green Caviar Algae Extract

The Green Caviar Algae Extract is carefully extracted from seaweed. It stimulates the synthesis of laminin-5 and collagen IV. Both proteins are among the most important building stones of the basal membrane. When the production of these substances increases, the links between the epidermis and the dermis become stronger and the metabolic processes improves. Skin elasticity rises, and the contour of the face becomes more firm.

BABOR Thermophilus

This is a thermoactive microorganism from the depths of Guayamas Bay. With the help of BABOR Thermophilus, BABOR has successfully discovered one of the greatest secrets of the seas: an intelligent thermoactive cell protector.

In the depths of the Pacific Ocean at 2000 meters, the conditions are very hard in volcanic fissures: heat from the depths of the earth warms up to 72 ° C, while the pressure is enormous, it is around 200 bar. These organisms still exist there, and they live there too. They are real surviving artists who have adapted to the hostile environment with a perfect microbiological fineness. Their cells are protected by an energetic antioxidant power. BABOR uses this power. BABOR Thermophilus promotes the regeneration of the cells by maximizing the number of keranocytes, accelerating the emergence of the new cells and synchronizing their ascending to the skin surface. For the radiant, fresh, energized facial skin.

The treatment contains:

– Sea Creation THE CREAM 10ml
– Sea Creation THE CREAM RICH 3ml
– Sea Creation THe EYE CREAM 3ml
– Sea Creation THE SERUM 4ml
– Sea Creation THE MASK 5ml
– Sea Creation THE FOIL MASK 1piece
– Sea Creation MASSAGE

ANTI-AGING and Deep Muscle Massage

BABOR Lifting massage is based on massage therapies and physiotherapy. This in-depth massage was developed by Andreas Schwartz massage therapist and physiotherapist exclusively for BABOR. BABOR Lifting massage deepens the tissues, enhances blood circulation and activates metabolic activity.

Our face changes constantly during our life. The facial muscles change, the face looks different and often older. Smile, stress, worry – these all can deepen our wrinkles. The deep wrinkles are caused by the tension of the muscles in the face because the facial expressions unilaterally burden the muscles. The massage recognizes the focal points, the tension that causes adhesions in the facial muscles and the unwanted fluid accumulation in the connective tissues. These localized accumulations will burden the skin and overstress, causing tone loss and inflexibility. Special lymph drainage massage techniques help intense movements to remove accumulated fluid and scrap materials. The tension is getting dimmed in the skin, the surface becomes lighter and more even, and the lines of the face look more harmonious by the clear contours.

Ricky Welch’s Wellnes Massage

The gestures are gentle waves of flow, sensing the senses. Massage is diverting clients into the world of unpredictable cosmetic experiences as if they were on a short vacation.

Since 1999, Ricky Welch has combined modern massage therapy with wellness and healthcare. Her unique massage creations continue to be a continuous success, especially in the case of tinnitus and tension headaches. She recognised the potential of combining treatments and therapies from different cultures in the world. Otolaryngologists, specialists of the traditional Chinese medicine have been supporting and recommending the Ricky Welch massage for 12 years.

Refreshing facial massage

The purpose of the cosmetic facial massage is to keep the elasticity and firmness of the tissues and to slow down the aging process. The massage evens the function of the glands so the secretion they produce produces a faster discharge, therefore decreasing (comedos) blackhead formation. By increasing the temperature of the skin improves the absorption of nutrients. The skin becomes hydrated, soft and smooth.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage = Wave Massage The proper functioning of the lymph fluid, lymphatic glands, and lymph nodes are to be responsible for the transportation of the decomposition products. These are essential for the healthy functioning of the human body. The responsibility of the lymphatic system is to collect the accumulated roughage in the cell space and to remove it through the secretion system. The lymphatic girdles like a web weave the entire body directly under the skin and interacting with it.

A healthy lymphatic system is capable of transporting decomposition products in everyday life. However, naturally, its 3 centimetres per minute speed can be improved by increasing the flow of lymph fluid, both for the detoxification processes of the body as well as the removal of roughage accumulating in the tissue space. As a result of pressure therapeutic treatment, like the traditional hand massage, we can influence the lymphatic drainage with more intensity and in more points. With intensive massage, we can effectively mobilize about 30% of excess fat and remove it through the excretory system. Toning Ideal for effective treatment of stubborn fat pads and for the removal of decomposition products accumulated in the interstitial space. As a result of the treatments, the metabolism processes increase the degradation of fat cells and the removal of degradation products is improved. Strengthen the connective tissue Intensive pressure therapy activates fibroblast cells, which are responsible for the production of the elastic fibers (collagen, elastin), consequently the skin is getting tighter. Antihypertensive effect During the detoxification, large amounts of consumed water for treatments and intensive lymphatic massage help the salt drainage process, which reduces the blood pressure of the arterial bloodstream and thus the blood pressure. Appropriate fluid consumption The effectiveness of the treatments is greatly influenced by the amount of fluid you drink before and after the courses. Before and after the treatment, all fluid intake should exceed 2-2.5l daily, which should only be taken in the form of pure water or teas. Digital control A pre-programmed microprocessor ensures that the treatment (arm and leg, bottom, abdomen) always works with a vacuum pressure of the correct value for the safe operation of the pressure therapeutic device. Summarizing the effects of the treatment:

  • Enhances lymph flow
  • Stimulates the local blood supply
  • Increases metabolic rate, increases nutrition and oxygen supply of the cells
  • Stimulates the skin’s own defence mechanisms.

The treatment is not suggested if you have the following health conditions:

  • Thrombosis, thrombogenicity
  • Haemophilia
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Weak arteries
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Heart diseases
  • Cancer diseases
  • Pregnancy
  • Infectious skin diseases in the area to be treated

Lymphatic Drainage Massage can be combined with cosmetic facial treatment!


How about bringing back your self-consciousness and freedom to your life? Would you empty your thoughts constantly in your head? With the treatment, you open a space for inclusion, the stress disappears and the problems fade.

What is Access Bars?

The treatment is performed on the head by a 32 pressure-point massage, what I do with my fingertips for stimulation. The gentle bars running on the head allow you to let the restrictive programs, thoughts, patterns, emotions. By touching the different points, the tension is balanced and the thoughts calm down. Different points belong to different areas: wealth, control, creativity, relationships, body, sexuality, sadness, joy, form, structure. In which areas can you use the treatment?

  • workplace,
  • relationships,
  • harmony,
  • self-expression,
  • communication,
  • allowance,
  • inclusion.

While you are relaxing on the comfortable massage bed you are creating a new space for yourself.

Hollistic Massage

After a few minutes of consultation, a unique face-neck-decollete massage tuned to the senses.

Age ID makeup

“The beauty of a woman begins when she starts being herself. Every day.” The makeup artist and the creator of the AGE ID Peter Schmidinger’s posy harmonises with the new emblem which aimed at reflecting the personality of every woman.

Inspired by BABOR’s skin researches, the products not only cover the tiny skin imperfections, but contain the most effective anti-aging active ingredients that provide immediate lifting effect, youthful glow, and deep protection for the skin. During the consultation: – We take the necessary materials, the supplies from brushes to cleansing agents and materials. – Since consulting is always preceded by colour consulting, you will learn what kind of colours fit for you, the tones and shades of colours that are the most ideal for you. – We will discuss the shape of your face and eyes, how you can emphasize their advantageous nature. – We look through your makeup equipment and get rid of everything you don’t need: the wrong colours, the unnecessary things and the worn out products.

Give your loved ones a BABOR experience!

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Buy a 6 treatments pass!

The pass is valid for 6 months from the date of issue and applies to the services included in the price list. The card can be used at a pre-agreed appointment.


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